Dr. Walter has worked with clients as a clinical social worker for forty years. During that time her approach has always been to develop a partnership with her clients as they move toward desired changes in their lives.

To inquire about individual counseling please call Dr. Walter at 610-350-1077 or email.

Dr. Walter provides services on a sliding scale to ensure affordable fees.

Grief Counseling for Individuals

Grief and loss are inevitable passages we each experience in our lifetimes. The loss of a spouse, a partner, a parent, a child, or any loved one are personal and unique grief journeys.

Losing a dream, a career, one's health or one's abilities also can bring about profound sadness and fear of the unknown.

The truth is that any transition through grief and loss can be lonely and difficult without support and understanding.

Dr. Walter helps individuals and groups understand and honor the grief process, and make it their own. With gentle support and compassion, Dr. Walter helps the bereaved examine the issues surrounding their loss, to bring about healing and safe passage through the pain.

To inquire about individual sessions or grief support groups in your area, please contact Dr. Walter at 610-359-1077, or email.