"I have had the pleasure of learning with Dr. Walter through multiple professional seminars on grief and loss. Her scholarship combined with her experience and skill as a practitioner make her a uniquely engaging and sensitive educator. We are blessed to have her as a member of our community of bereavement professionals, and I seek her guidance regularly."

Carrie Miluski, MS, CT,
Interim Executive Director/ Program Director
Peter’s Place, Radnor PA A Center for Grieving Children and their Families


"Carolyn Walter models the quintessentially effective teaching stance for the new age — a stance in which emotional intelligence is integrated into cognitive teaching intelligence.

Her presence is supportive and nurturing. She embraces individuality and difference. Rather than flattening students into cookie-cutter, standard-issue teachers, she is vigilant for flashes of brilliance. Carolyn possess the gift of divining individual gifts and talents, of encouraging those gifts into the open, and of developing them as the foundation for solid, scholarly, confident, impassioned teaching.

She is a founder of the Widener Center for Social Work Education and has left the imprint of her expansive influence on the program which respects and nurtures students, as well as their creativity and passion."

Mimi Sullivan, MSW, LCSW
Psychotherapist: Specializing in trauma treatment
PhD Student


"I have been so fortunate to have Carolyn Walter, Ph.D. as an academic mentor at The Center for Social Work Education at Widener University. She is known for creating a learning space where students and teacher engage in content rich, meaningful learning conversations. She brings integrity and authenticity to that process. Like Carolyn, I came to college teaching after a career practicing clinical social work. As a mentor, she has helped me understand and navigate the complex world of academia. She has inspired confidence in how to bring my professional self, experience, and knowledge into the college classroom. Carolyn has been a role model of an engaging and compassionate scholar, author, teacher, and professional."

Celeste Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Center for Social Work Education
Widener University
Chester, Pennsylvania


"I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Carolyn Walter as a professor, a presenter, a colleague and a friend. Dr. Walter represents the best in social work practice, ever curious, compassionate and committed to her craft. She is thoughtful, spirited and immensely knowledgeable. Dr. Walter captures her audiences/classes with her enthusiasm for the work, providing guidance and encouragement to learn, to challenge and stretch one’s self in pursuit of successful therapeutic outcomes and personal growth. I am a better clinician due to her superb instruction and her continued support. Her expertise in the area of loss and grief provides all who hear her speak and read her publications with a new respect for this field and with the needed skills and tools to effectively work with families, individuals and groups experiencing loss and bereavement. Dr. Walter is invited annually to speak to the incoming interns and the staff at Social Work Counseling Services and she remains one of our most popular presenters."

Cheryl Sadeghee, MSW, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services, Social Work Counseling Services, Chester PA
Adjunct Faculty, Widener University, Chester PA
Graduate of Widener University, 2004