Dr. Walter is a member of the Steering Committee and Peer Group of The Transition Network, which helps women over 50 discover new beginnings.

Life Transitions Workshops for Therapists, Agencies, and Healthcare Professionals

As an expert in the field of grief and loss, Dr. Carolyn Walter leads dynamic, interactive professional groups and workshops on the topic of Life Transitions.

An author, educator, and counselor with 40 years' experience and extensive credentials in the field, Dr. Walter provides fellow therapists, healthcare professionals, and other human service practitioners with a wealth of practical knowledge.

Workshop topics include helping clients through specific life transitions such as the death of a loved one, job loss, retirement, divorce, parenthood, empty nesting, career change, caregiving and other areas.

To inquire about professional workshops, in-services or group sessions for your department, agency or organization, please contact Dr. Walter at 610-359-1077, or email.